Physics Book Project

Below you will find a list of books that are available for you to read for a Book Project. Some of them are available in bulk from the school, but the books that are marked with an asterisk (*) are owned by Mr. Maloney, and only one copy is available. Most however, can be found at any library. You CAN choose a book not on this list, you just have to get it approved by Mr. Maloney before hand. If you have any good suggestions for other students, let Mr. Maloney know and they can be added to the Wiki.

Register your book HERE

For more information and Project Ideas, please see the Book Project Guidelines [] given out to students which details grading, and lists some project ideas. You will be graded by the general SHS Reading [], Writing [], and Critical Thinking [] Rubrics and don't forget all projects must include a Review of the book on this Wiki which will be graded by a Book Review Rubric [] .

Books (find their appropriate Wiki for reviews from students)