This is just a page to learn a little more about the teacher who is facilitating this AP Physics Class at Somerville High.

Where else am I on the web?
I am not a huge fan of social network sites but you can find me on a few other web sites.

More about me ...

positions held

Somerville High School, Somerville, Massachusetts
  • Physics Teacher
    • currently teaching AP Physics, Physics and Engineering
  • Yearbook Advisor
  • Science League Coach
Northeastern University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair
  • Assistant Director/Technology Coordinator/CEO of Region IV
  • Boston University [B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Summa Cum Laude]
  • University of Massachusetts at Boston [M.Ed. Secondary Physics Education]
  • Boston College [NEVER ... Go BU]
  • ITOP Post Graduate program at BU
personal favorites
  • interests:
    basketball, art, tattoos, biking, reading, architecture, graphic design, tshirt design
  • likes:
    political arguing, messing around in the lab, building lab equipment, girls who play sports
  • dislikes:
    people who are proud not to have a TV, donald trump, many ultra right wing ideas, hipsters
  • teams:
    Red Sox, NY Rangers, Bears/Pats, Celtics/Knicks (old Knick teams)
  • bands:
    the Slackers, the Pietasters, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Green Day, STP
  • authors: see my reading list at goodreads
    Michael Crichton, Dean Koontz, Timothy Zahn, Jon Stewart, Dan Brown (sometimes)
  • movies:
    tough to pick some, how about some movies that everyone should see in their lifetime that you may not have heard of if you are younger than me (Star Wars is still #1, then new Batman and Ironman); Donnie Darko, Real Genius, Johnny Dangerously, original Tron, Blade Runner, Better Off Dead, Search for the Holy Grail, Slap Shot, Strange Brew, Dune (the one with Sting), Ice Pirates, ...
  • TV shows:
    same deal, here are some you probably missed but must find and watch; Firefly, Arrested Development (best written show ever to get canceled), Dark Angel (season 1), Doctor Who (old and new), Eureka, Farscape, X-Files, Chappelle's Show
  • scientists:
    Michael Faraday, Richard Feynman, Albert Einstein