All About Light (Monica Halpern)

What would we see without light? Nothing. In this book, a part of the "National Geographic Science Chapters" series, we learn about sources of light, how light bends, how shadows are made, how white light separates into colors. The topic is not an easy one. Light cannot be physically grasped, though we have all experienced it. Fortunately, the author includes three easy experiments to give the reader a more hands-on connection with the physics. Readers are asked to define a light beam using baking soda, to create an optical illusion with a coin, and to separate white light using soap bubbles. The photo illustrations are impressive and the text is clear, if not always inspired. ( Borders)

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All about light is a book written by Monica Halpern talking about light and if Light did not exist how we would not be able to see anything. in this book the author give lots of information about light resource which are anything that gives light and she also made the differences between Natural sources of light and artificial sources of light very clear. the author also talk a little beat about scientist that made some discovery about light like Tomas Edison. she also talk about the speed of light, bouncing and bending light, reflected light and refracting light. Shadows and how they are created are also discuss in the book. One chapter of the book is dedicated for the relationship between light and color ;why do we see certain color why is the rainbow only red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. The author talk about why the light is consider as a wave. This book not only talks about light but also has some experiment to help the reader understand light better. ( Jessica Pierre)