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A Wind in the Door is a sequel to A wrinkle in Time in which Meg Murry, her young brother Charles Wallace, and a boy from her school named Calvin rescue Meg and Charles Wallace's father from the forces of evil on a distant planet. This time, it is Charles Wallace who is in jeopardy, as the mitochondria in his cells are dying off, due to something going wrong with the farandolae which power them. At the same time, stars in distant galaxies are being mysteriously extinguished. Meg and Charles Wallace's mother the biologist has only recently proven the existence of farandolae, and their father the physicist has only recently discovered the mysterious disappearance of the stars, so the dinner table conversation covers both topics, at the extreme ends of the distance scales which human beings can comprehend. It seems impossible for two phenomena so different in size can possibly be related, but Meg feels certain that, somehow, they are. Once again, Meg and Calvin are whisked away by mysterious figures. They have three challenges that they must face in order to save Charles Wallace, and the galaxy, from the Echthroi.

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